Friday, May 25, 2012

I'll always have Frankie and Ghoulia...

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Remember that ‘downhill’ thing I mentioned yesterday ? Turns out, I didn’t know the half of it. Every last bill here is in ‘pay off or cut off’ already, except the one we paid Monday, and the IL’s Checking account balance right now is negative $700. Yes. You read that right. It’s got a negative balance so high, there’s no way we could ever catch it up. So the already-delayed mortgage payment is gonna bounce, and FIL is apparently still able to draw cash out of various ATMs wherever he is. He hasn’t even been gone two weeks, and I’m starting to think he set us up. Not a single utility has been paid for months, since the last time we paid it.

Thing is, it doesn’t really change anything. All the money we hope to make between now and year’s end won’t dig them out of this mess for a month. And it’ll start all over again with or without FIL here the following month. Frankly, their financial shuffle /brink of disaster dance has been going on for years. So we’re still moving, MIL is just gonna have to understand How Things Are Now and come with us, and in the meanwhile, we’re gonna try to keep the electric and water on ‘til it’s time for us to leave, but that’s about all we can do. We may have to sell Starlight to get us that far. We didn’t make this mess, I resent* FIL leaving us holding his bag of disaster, but that doesn’t help. All we can do is cut our losses, keep everyone together, and move on.

But talk without action is nothing, so I sewed. The vest mostly worked with the new idea – it’s still fully lined, but I hemmed the armscryes after I stitched the two pieces together at the sides and neckline. It fits OK, but it fit better when it was just a single thickness of fabric, two makes it a little stiff.  I have one more idea left to try, but the pattern itself is good. Not sure what I’ll do with my new vest pattern, but it’s nice to have one if/when I need it !

I also did the dishes and sought comfort and hope in the bottom of a potato chip bag. Didn’t find it, but the bag’s not empty yet ! There was French Onion dip, too…

Also meant to tell you of the neat coincidence this week. Beloved Hubby read Without Conscience : The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us and I had the chance to devour it, too. It’ll be a while before I forget that read. Several times it referred to Diane Downs, a woman who’d shot her three kids. I remembered reading her story in the true-crime novel Small Sacrifices, probably decades ago. I found m’self wanting to read it again – and I found a copy on the Library’s ‘Book Sale’ shelves for 50c ! Snag ! I can read that one at my leisure. Which is good, because Beloved started reading it himself last night, but is only on chapter two.  

(* used here, ‘resent’ is one of the biggest understatements of 2012.)


  1. Hubby needs to take MIL down to the bank and have FIL's access to the account shut off and report his ATM card as stolen. I can't believe they're still letting him take out money when there's none there!

    1. We're hoping to talk to the account manager at their bank Thursday. Got another 'dummy' card Tuesday, where he'd bounced another two. (sigh) I'm so tired, and I can't imagine Beloved Hubby feels any better.

  2. That's so weird! Just this morning I was thinking about Diane Downs and the book Small Sacrifices, that I also read years ago!
    Guess it is a small word!

    I can't believe FIL and I can understand how you feel "set up" by him, it seems like you were to me anyway! I would also talk to MIL like Parareality suggested.

  3. Yeah, we had the chance to move this weekend, but it'd be unfair to MIL, so we're gonna keep our original plan. But I'm gonna say it, here and now, FIL may as well be shaking hands with my parents, for all he means to me at this moment.