Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I can only be petty, mean, suspicious me.

Current Mood : Recent convert to chaos theory.

There it is, the ‘space shirt’ that I sewed for Deuce. It’s wastebasket bound, unless I decide to make a go at redoing the thing. But, since I clearly need practice in narrow hemming, I think I’ll just start fresh. Even thought that color looks good on him, I’m gonna hafta  switch fabric, since I’m nearly out of that thread !

I kinda took today off, since it was more family chaos today. MIL is needing lots of support right now while she works through things, but she wants it from Beloved Hubby, not me. I can’t fault her for that, but between working to try to salvage this mess and spending hours talking with her, Dearest Son and I hardly get to see him. Ah, well. I’m sure after we move to our tiny apartment, we’ll see entirely much too much of each other !

He gave me some cash to put gas in Starlight’s tank, but I stayed home. I knew that, if I went anywhere in the mood I was in, I was gonna search until I found that Create A Monster set, and I’d buy it. We can’t really do that right now, so it’s best if I don’t tempt m’self. That said, I still wanna go look ! (grin) It’s really hard to say ‘wait’ when your  selfish mind says ‘You deserve something nice for yerself for dealing with all this turmoil ! You should have something that says what you want matters and might actually happen’. I really gotta get that part of my brain removed…

Got another ‘bounced check’ notice from FIL and MIL’s bank yesterday. He’s writing bad checks from the Eastern Seaboard now, well after he’s been told (by us) that the account is waaaay past empty. Beloved Hubby’s scared to death MIL is gonna get arrested for FIL’s creative use of the US Banking System, and with that in mind, we’re talking to banks about what can be done. Main problem to that is getting her to even consider it – separate checking accounts are considered darn near a divorce around here. But I don’t know how else she can protect herself.

Oh, and did you hear that the San Diego Comic Convention exclusive MH doll has been announced ? It’s that ‘Sarah Screams’ one they had last year on display for voting. Still can’t believe that one won, compared to high-fan-interest Headless Headmistress Bloodgood or exotic newcomer Daughter of Arachne, the otherwise unnamed spider doll. I’m not much interested in Sara, aside from the school jacket part of her costume, because I can’t really duplicate that just yet. Oh, I could possibly approximate the jacket, but the sleeve decorations will probably elude me for a while. Embroidering on satin – or even finding a good pink and white ribbon – is a challenge I’m not quite ready for yet. 

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  1. Deuce does look good in maroon.

    MIL needs to realize that her hubby has gone off his rocker. Separating your bank accounts may be darn near divorce, but what do you call running off and abandoning your wife with no money?!

    You already know my position is to report him to the police, but the more I hear, the more I think he's legitimately lost his ever-lovin' mind!

    No new CAM sets here yet.