Friday, December 11, 2015

Total sucker for tin boxes, for some strange reason.

Yay, Friday ! I’m happy, ‘cause we’ll catch up on bills this week, won’t have many next week, and Dearest Son’s Christmas should be on the way soon. Whew !

Got a lot of small stuff done. Increased a freebie pattern to hopefully fit FT Frankie, scanned a few other papers I’ve been meaning to. Put away some freshly washed doll clothes (after making sure they actually fit a doll I owned, part of the fun of flea market doll clothes grab bags !) and cleaned up the sewing Arena from yesterday’s works. Found places for yesterday’s Dollar Tree goodies – I’m a total sucker for little tin boxes ! – and feasted on a ‘something old, something new’ lunch. Leftover spaghetti noodles stirred into a can of ravioli. Very filling !

About the only thing not included in Dearest’s holiday computer buy was a new monitor. I think that’s in the plans for his January birthday. I’m starting my 30-day free trial of Embird embroidery software this weekend, and Beloved Hubby’s contemplating a new saw for Christmas. And he says he’ll do my bookcase this weekend ! So I’m happy and excited.

Hope you are, too !

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