Sunday, December 27, 2015

Not bad, Hasbro. Not bad at all.

I'm gonna end up with a dozen Elsa and Anna dolls. . . 

Massive storms – nick - named ‘Goliath’ – have roared through our part of Heaven since last night. We had to blanket the windows, and even then, the sleet against them sounded like wrapping paper crumpled inches from drowsy ears. Lightning still showed through, and rolling, echoing thunder woke me several times. But we’re lucky, it’s all been high winds and rain, little sleet stuck, and the roads are slightly flooded, but not frozen. Still, I was glad we were well stocked with darn near everything any of us might need or even want, and didn’t have to go anywhere.

Beloved Hubby thought that it’d be a good idea to have a propane cylinder for emergency heat, just in case, so he trundled out and came back with one, and cappuccino. Police and meteorologists are telling everyone to get where they wanna be before dark, and blinkin’ well stay there. We intend to.

Since he was home all day, Beloved painted my Christmas bookcase / doll habitat with the glossy ice white he used on some doors for work a few days ago. That stuff makes me dizzy, so I took a nap. It’s almost dry, but I’m gonna give it another day, not play with it ‘til Tuesday. So excited !

Oh, and I almost fell for a scam yesterday. Right after we ordered the elastic to re-string Dearest Son’s Anna doll, I got an e-mail saying my PayPal payment was rejected. Just needed some more information. Umm… I’ve already given PPal that info, months ago. I deleted the e-mail, dumped out of the window it brought up, and went to PayPal by typing in their address myself. Nope. All our payments have gone through, no problems. Just to be safe, I changed my password. Since I know you’re not so dim as to fall for that, just pass the word to your more gullible friends, would ya ? Ya never know.

The Facebook MH groups are all flustered at some photos and video of the ‘new, improved’ dolls coming out soon. Frankly, they look more like rejected MLP Equestria Girls than MH. Frankie’s face scar is barely visible, and everybody has round anime-style eyes and much simpler hairstyles and clothes. It’s kind of like MH for your little sisters – or younger kids. I’m not terribly thrilled, but we all sort of knew this was coming when the ‘star’ position shifted from Frankie to DracuLaura, and the one non-SDCC collector doll was of DLaura – Mattel’s going for the younger set, staying with safe, bland pink, and trying to stimulate more sales by bowing to hyper-mom pressure. I’m not as upset as most, I haven’t bought anything truly new MH in months, just a few guy dolls and a taller remake of Frankie. Many believe Mattel’s trying to regain finances lost when Disney (wisely, IMhO) didn’t renew their contract and went to Hasbro for the lucrative Princess market, but this has probably been in the catacombs pipeline for months.

What bothers me is, the much- appreciated tagline doesn’t seem to be ‘Be you, that’s enough’ anymore, it’s now ‘Get a makeover so you’ll look like everyone else and fit in’. If I fuzz my eyes a bit, it’s hard to tell ‘new’ Frankie from ‘new’ DLaura by just face paint, like most shojo manga volumes I’ve seen (I’m lookin’ at you, Sailor Moon ! ), many characters are nearly identical but for hair styles and skin tones. And if that’s what Mattel wants to do with the line, well, at least it’s not getting cancelled outright. If it’s true, hey, I had five years of fun with a line I wasn’t sure would make it to Year Three. Whatever The Big M does or doesn’t do with MH doesn’t change the dolls on my shelves. Much less in my mind or heart.

There’s online petitions and claims that the photos and videos are fakes, but either way, it doesn’t bug me much. Yeah, it ranks that Mattel’s pulling this, if they are, but they’re not in business to please me, that’s fer darn sure, right Barbie ? I can picket their offices ‘til I’m as blue as a Smurf, and they’ll keep right on doin’ what they’re gonna do. Compared to the more devoted fans most upset on FBook, who got dozens for gifts or sale purchases after, I didn’t get one MH doll for the holidays, nor did I want one. And I rather like the new Hasbro DPrincess dolls. The days of me getting all righteously bent out of shape by Mattel or George Lucas are over. Maybe that makes me old, maybe that means I have less energy for the fight.
Or maybe I’m just really not eager to give up my hard-won ‘happy with what I got’ anytime soon.

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