Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Never did 'get' "Karma Chameleon", honestly. . .

Whee ! The Post Office finally found my package. Last Monday, I splurged on a fabric surprise pack from Lee & Pearl. I needed a pick-me-up, and since it was being sent Priority Second Day, figured it’d be here by week’s end, which would be just perfect. Didn’t figure Lee or Pearl would sit on it ‘til Thursday, ‘cause they took my PayPal within minutes of me paying it. I had hopes for Saturday, but the tracking hadn’t moved since ‘printed label’ and ‘accepted at sorting facility’ Thursday. It somehow updated to arriving on Monday without moving a bit. OK, fine. Monday.

Nothin’ on Monday. Nothin’ til Tuesday night, when tracking suddenly updated – it showed up on the other end of the state that morning, and wouldn’t be delivered as scheduled. No kidding. It got halfway across the state in less than two hours. It then took twelve hours to move 35 miles, but was now due to arrive Wednesday. Well, better late than never, I guess.

Watched the mail carrier stop twice to deliver packages across the street this morning, but nope, I’d get to wait ‘til regular delivery – at 5pm. Sheesh. So glad this was Second Day Priority. I’m kind of ticked at both the sender and the PO, but there’s not a lot I can do about it. I got half-yards of six nice fabrics, from deep dark green UltraSuede to stretchy polyester stripes, and yards of fold-over elastic in red, gold, green, and lacy white, along with some cute trinkets (I like the three skull beads !), but for a flat rate package, it wasn’t stuffed very full. Think I’ll stick to buying local from now on. Next time I want a surprise, I’ll blow $15.95 on lottery tickets. At least that way, feeling like a loser is over and done with in one day.

Beloved Hubby texted, asking what dimensions I wanted on my bookcase. I think he’s already cut it out at work. I was considering buying the $20. flimsy special at Mal-Wart, but I’d much rather have one of his. Beloved’s don’t wobble when I lean on ‘em ! I’ve added so many new dolls to Chez Insanity this year, the single tall bookcase isn’t housing them all, and I’d like to use the Room With A View as something besides doll temporary shelter. Plan is to move the Barbie and sixth-scale dolls like Leia and Han to my Christmas gift Beloved-built under-window shelves, add a removable cushion to the top, so Junior-kitty can perch on it when it’s not a cutting surface, then rearrange the tall bookcase shelves to accommodate everyone. And (sigh) I’m still considering Animator Elsa and Anna dolls.

(grin) Told Dearest Son we’d break down the old clutter-catching folding-table desk in a corner of the living room this week to make way for the tree, probably Thursday. He did it all, even throwing away his accumulated stuffs and junks, while I made lunch. Now I just have to find places for Beloved’s stuffs and junks. . .

Ugh. I just watched an ad that featured a kid telling two adults that, if they wanted to be included at the party’s big-people’s table, where all the fun was, they needed to dress better. I’m now fiercely glad I’ve only bought doll-shoe / key-chains at Old Navy, and never will set foot in one again. The holidays aren’t about family (like the other ads ram down your throat ‘til you’re ill) – they’re about impressing people with your wardrobe so they'll talk to you !

I’m going to bed. . .

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