Saturday, December 19, 2015

All I want for Christmas is. . . a Flea Market !

I swear, the Universe laughs when I make plans like those I wrote yesterday. We were all up earlier than expected – Beloved Hubby forgot to reset his alarm – and while Dearest Son went back to sleep, Beloved and I chatted. Then it was time for me to run some errands and do the banking, so off I went.

Dearest now has stocking stuffers he doesn’t even know about, thanks to Dollar Tree. Wasn’t as busy as I expected, so I took my time – and two cars were about to fight for my parking space as I left. Now it was getting busy ! Selected our ham for the holiday and a few other groceries, then ran to the bank. On the way home, I saw the familiar Flea Market corner signs, odd because it wasn’t on the County Fairgrounds calendar, I checked. But it’d be perfect, a place to prowl and wander, away from holiday traffic. I mean, who gives used stuff for gifts ?

Snagged Dearest Son and a bite of breakfast, and off we went. And, yes, it was crowded. Nearly as busy as the times when the Flea and Farmers markets are running side-by-side. I scored a nearly-new Barbie, still with a hair-stick nestled in her bun, making the stylish scene in an equally pristine Ken tuxedo, plus two other dresses and a couple of props, for $2., a $12. pair of slippers for $1. (they’re nice !), a quart-size bag of fabric scraps, three spools of Mettler embroidery thread, and a ruler, for $4. Unfortunately, ‘Twyla’, an electronic Barbie stuffed cat, suffered from advanced battery corrosion and didn’t work. Dearest decided she’d be good company for his  second second-hand Fur-Real Friends white cat, so it’s still a happy ending. And the fabric scraps were much better –and bigger ! – than I thought, so that’s awesome, too.

For his part, Dearest scored another $5. computer, but we have no idea if this one works. No charger, and the sticker on it says it’s running Win98. He wants it to work so he can compare it to modern systems, like the one he’s getting for Christmas. I think he’s waiting on next week’s allowance to buy a new charger for it, since none of the ones around Chez Insanity work with it. Cross your fingers for him, please !

While we were gone, Beloved was busy, too. He found a gorgeous 36-inch LCD TV for the ILs at a nearby pawn – but when we got it home, it wouldn’t work with an antenna at all. And that was the whole reason the ILs wanted another TV set, in hopes of local broadcast entertainment and news. So, with their understanding, we cleaned up ours for them - it tests fine with an antenna -  and we kept the ‘new’ one. Worked out for the best, ours had a remote, which the ‘new’ one doesn’t, but the new one is higher definition. So we all benefitted, not bad for $85. . Dropped it off, along with my previous pulse oximeter (VA sent me a new deluxe one) and a copy of the 2016 SocSec benefits calendar, which they appreciated, but not as much as their new TV. They were happily tuning it as we left. And, yes, it looks like I’m taking them to OldTown Monday and possibly Tuesday. (sigh) Maybe the thrift store there will have some reward for my selfless, giving nature. . .

Better news – my order has shipped, even has a UPS tracking number ! It doesn’t say when I’ll (hopefully) get it yet, which is fine – I’m just happy nothing’s out of stock and it’ll be here soon. Beloved says he’s wrapping it if it arrives before Christmas !

By the time all that running around was done, it was growing dark, and the guys were sound asleep. I decided to stay up, play with my new fabrics and Barbie, and try on my new slippers. According to the tag, they’re sHUEs slip-ons, from HUE (tm)  – which I am sure is beyond my budget anyplace but a flea market. I can say they’re very comfy, though !

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