Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy ‘Back To Normal’ Day !

My mystery Amazon box ! Almost all my dolls have nightgowns this year, how funny !

We got to sleep in and have a late breakfast, then Dearest Son’s grandparents wanted him to come over for a visit, so off we went. Since Beloved Hubby just couldn’t finish a half-dozen devilled eggs by himself without destroying his digestive system (although he tried !), and they’re FIL’s favorite, we took about half over with us, along with Dearest’s lunch and a bag of chips to share. Dearest took his latest $4. Flea Market laptop computer over, in hopes that MIL’s charger would work with it – neither we nor the seller knew if it worked or not, since there wasn’t a charger for it, and the battery had long since died out.

While he was gone, I found that the Flea was back in town this weekend, so I went. Spent an hour and six bucks, got some light exercise, a new book of fairy tales, a hardback copy of I Am Eve (long story from my teenhood), four doll stands, a Dollar Tree wine bottle cheongsam, and a glass oil candle with oil in a battered box, identical to this, just more worn. Even came with a little funnel, and it burns bright and pretty. A great find, especially since heavy off-and-on rainstorms all day have made the power flicker several times. It was on a ‘everything’s a dollar’ table, and the moment I picked it up, another shopper seemed to want it. She followed me until I paid for it. Maybe one day I’ll find a green one.

Wasn’t ready to end the ‘me’ time, so I hit Big Lots. Got a few edibles there, not much. While Christmas decorations were 50% off (guess all the trees sold, ours had none on markdown), foodstuffs and other items were reduced only 30%, and they weren’t much of a deal even with the discount. I mean, $8. for cheddar and Swiss cheese with garlic sausage sounds OK – but that’s only good until you notice the ‘cheese’ brick is labelled ‘Cheddar Flavored’.  We already had better at home, so it got left there. (shakes head) Even with the discount, their popcorn tins were still five bucks. No thanks.

Came home, and fixed Dearest’s DP&M Anna doll. She’d fallen from a high shelf, and her internal elastic stringing came unglued and pulled through. In essence, she was in halves. We’ve ordered re-stringing elastic, but it’ll be January before it’s here, and seeing her like that freaked me out. So I made her a sort of strange Borat bikini from ½” wide elastic, topped with wider elastic straps sewn together to serve as a joint belt to hold together her chest and waist. She sort of looks like a modest discount The Fifth Element stunt double, but luckily her dress fits over it all and also helps support her. Dearest knows to treat her even more kindly until we can get the elastic back inside, where it belongs !

After a nice ham and cracker snack with Beloved, and a short nap of our own, we got the word that Dearest was ready to come home. And his laptop works ! It has Windows 2000 Pro on it, and seems to operate quite well. Now he feels confident about investing his cash for a new charger. Does he have all the luck, or what ?

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