Sunday, December 20, 2015

At least we can afford this sort of ornamentation !

Well, I am officially Beloved Hubby banned from, at least until after Christmas. Nope, I’m not spending too much money, even after yesterday’s little spree and my order – Beloved has ordered something for me and doesn’t want anyone to wreck the surprise. So, things are a bit more exciting around here, suddenly !

Which is good, I’ll need it. I’m on the ‘All Day in OldTown’ plan tomorrow. I’ve already opted out of Tuesday, claiming appointments – actually, we have several packages due to arrive Tues. and Wed., and I don’t want to leave them out on the porch for hours, subject to pilferage. Still don’t know when the Anna, Elsa, and Tiana Animators dolls are due, but I’m sure it’ll be soon.

After sleeping in and lounging around after lunch most of the day, Beloved decided to enjoy a nap, and I was, once again, gonna sew. But Dearest Son announced he was bored, so what better time than to make those Perler kit ornaments ?! He got the idea pretty quick (truthfully, there’s not much to it, especially if someone else is wielding the heirloom iron) and created an exact duplicate of the tree on the package. It’s a gift for his grandparents, he told me. Then he pulled out the square pegboard from one of the Dollar Tree sets and randomly applied all the leftover beads from the tree set and some from the DTree ones. That one we can hang on the tree, but he wants it in his room when the decorations go back into storage.

Important thing was, he enjoyed it, it was fun to do while A Christmas Story played on the ‘new’ TV, and he wants to make more ! Yaay, a craft we can share ! For my part, I now have a greater appreciation for the single-color boxes of beads. I had to change the blue snowflake design twice ‘cause I kept running out of one color or another. I can see us having a lot more beads and boards in the near future. . .

I gotta start some housework, since tomorrow’s mostly already spoken for – hope your weekend was festive and fun !

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