Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Creeping closer to Christmas. . . thank Everything !

Last of the goodies we ordered from Amazon for Dearest Son’s Christmas computer arrived safely today. Whew ! They’re all wrapped up, waiting under the tree. Beloved Hubby’s thinking of getting a used LCD TV for the ILs, probably this weekend, so they can at least get broadcast TV stations. I think that’ll finish our holiday shopping, maybe I can snag something for myself a bit after. No big rush.

The latest coat of paint on the MH FT Gooliope shoes went on well – hopefully they’ll dry soon. Wish it was still as warm as last week ! Humidity is low, though, so I have high hopes FT Frankie will be able to wear them next week.

Other than that, today was a bit disappointing. The nice customer service representative at Jakks Pacific found the same doll I did after I told her about my little mystery, and could find nothing about her. I really did know more than she did ! She promised to send my query to Promotions, who would probably know more about upcoming dolls and media tie-ins, then took my name and number. If I don’t hear anything by Monday, I’ll call again.

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