Sunday, December 6, 2015

Diet Dr. Pepper attracts no bugs. . .

Still coming down off that ‘high’ of getting our old truck fixed for so little. Beloved Hubby’s thrilled with himself, as well he should be. That kind of leaves us in a pickle as to what to do with the M-truck – previous owner Boss will take it back, but we hate giving him a lemon to deal with. We could finish paying for it, fix it, and sell it ourselves, but that’ll have to happen after December. Beloved said he’ll chat with Boss about it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, three vehicles on a two-car driveway isn’t working. Chez Insanity is located on a permanent No Parking zone on both sides of the street, and parking on the lawn is occasionally rewarded by sweet notes with offers to add something to the coffers from City Of. Rather than block the sidewalk, Emmy-chan gets to overnight inside the garage for a short while. We’ll know more tomorrow.

Dearest Son broke the good ‘house’ scissors, and with a coupon, I could replace them cheaply, but it meant going to the back side of the mall Jo-Ann’s across town. Ordinarily I’d wait for a non-weekend, but the 60% off coupon expired today, and it was one of the few times Fiskars weren’t on some sale. Or so I thought. My first clue that things weren’t gonna go as planned was the fact that I had to park halfway across from my usual fairly-close-to-there spot – who knew folks still went to malls ? Evidently, from all the cars much newer than mine, our mall is doing quite well. And I needed a four-block walk anyway. I appreciated the bench just outside, that’s fer sure.

Once inside, our local Jo-Ann’s was hosting an unadvertised sale – on selected Fiskars scissors, of course including the pair I wanted. Since you can’t use a coupon on a sale item, I ended up getting a pair not on sale but cheaper than the sale price, just $2. more than I intended to spend. I hope that made sense. Anyway, we have new house scissors.

Some markdown ribbon I wanted got all the way to the counter where I was told it was by-the-yard ribbon, not by-the-spool. But. . . there was no way to tell, my selections were in a bin with dozens of others, still sealed, and completely unmarked with ‘By The Yard’ stickers or printing. Oh, well, they could put those back later, I wasn’t buying them now. Got a couple of holiday Perler kits on half-price, then used another coupon for extra beads – if Dearest Son likes that craft, we can make more, perhaps an ornament for his grandparents. If not, I’ll use what we have, it’s possible I’ll like doing it. I’m already planning on obtaining more peg-boards if I do – I like the idea of glow-in-the-dark snowflakes and stars. And there’s thousands of free designs on line (basically any cross-stitch pattern would work as well). Hope to see how our Christmas tree and 3D snowflake go this week.

I also got a new sequin tiara. It was the only thing I bought that wasn’t on sale, marked down, or had a coupon to go with it !

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