Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Maybe he's Prince of the Rock Trolls ?

Well, roads were a bit slick this morning, but the sun’s out, and the road out front is actually dry. So I guess we really are back to normal. Beloved Hubby’s back to work, and I have an epically messy kitchen to clean up. I was raised with a superstition over taking down Christmas decorations before New Year’s, so I’m really looking forward to Saturday !

Meanwhile, I’m spacing out the fun a bit by deboxing a doll every day ‘til I’m out of new dolls. Which will be on Thursday. Six new dolls for Christmas is a pretty big haul ! Especially considering that wasn’t all I got – my new office chair is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, too. Hmm. . . .think I’ll substitute the chair for tomorrow’s debox, so I can space out doll deboxings through Friday. I feel so rich !

While Elsa and Anna were on my Amazon wish list, Beloved went off-menu with Kristoff. He told me he looked at all of them and liked Disney Store Exclusive Kristoff best, for his pensive expression. I have to agree. At first I thought he had a Leno-level chin, but it actually works for this doll. While his box simply reads ‘Kristoff’ on the front – with photos of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf on the back – the box liner reads ‘Prince Kristoff’ ! Wonder if that’s a spoiler. . .

You actually have to untie his gloves to get them off, and they fit neatly into his hat. I’m impressed with the hat’s details. While I wish his coat and turtleneck were separate, they look nice together, and the sewn-on ribbon belt looks great. The separate pants are full length - they actually go to his ankles ! He has painted on blue underwear, hinge-style elbow joints on rotating shoulders, and click-type knee joints with standard hips and a yes/no neck joint. With his heavy winter clothes, all of that is hard to tell ! I’m not terribly fond of the grey splotches in his hair, but they’ll probably grow on me. While I didn’t think I wanted a Kristoff – much less a Prince Kristoff ! – I love the one I have. I’m sure Anna will, when I debox her Thursday !

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