Thursday, December 24, 2015

Delighted !

It’s so funny. I’m waiting out my guys so I don’t forget to stuff Dearest Son’s stocking (like I did last year) and tuck this ‘Warm Hugs’ Frozen-themed candy bar on Beloved Hubby’s keyboard. While I waited for them to crash, I did the dishes so the kitchen would be clean for tomorrow, which you’d think would be easy, since we mostly ate leftovers for supper. Well, leftovers = lots of storage bowls and pots, so it ended up being more to scrub up than a regular meal. But at least it cleaned out the fridge at the same time. Plus , it felt good to get it done. All the food in the fridge and having everything done up encouraged a gentle, loving peace in me.

Which ended about ten minutes later, when my guys came down craving a midnight snack. Made popcorn in huge bowls and we watched a movie. I’m debating whether or not to clean up that mess, or just shove the candy and DTree toy collection I’ve hoarded into the stocking I made Dearest back in ’05 and go to bed already ! 

We went ahead and did Christmas as soon as Beloved was home. Dearest’s new computer is assembled and working, and awaits tomorrow to receive the long-awaited BeamNG Drive game. We’re all thrilled about that ! 

Show you Saturday what that mystery box contained. I still haven’t opened it, but I did get Animators Anna and Elsa out of their box. It took over half an hour ! Meanwhile, the absolutely adorable Animators Tiana enjoys the decorations of the season. Hope your tomorrow is awesome !

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