Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I was perched, dark and early, in my Playroom with the window shades up, on package-watch duty. I’d only been there for about a half hour when a mystery Amazon.com package arrived. Soon, the secrets it holds will be revealed !

But then it was back to waiting. I wanted to go back to bed sooo bad ! Still, the least I could do was keep a watch for the tools Beloved Hubby ordered, so I did it. He was home early at about 1pm – and the big brown truck rolled up at 2. Guess what we got ? (grin) The new saw Beloved’s been obsessed with, the small gifts he ordered for his co-workers, and a box big enough to bathe in from DisneyStore.com ! That gift set is HUGE !! And Elsa, Anna, and Tiana are all gorgeous and so cute in their boxes. I’ll probably de-box Tiana tomorrow – I can’t wait ! – and the sisters Thursday.

The Animator’s Collection dolls are just amazing. Since my first Animator doll, ‘Bree’ (Sleeping Beauty), came to me second-hand, this is the first time I’ve seen an actual box for them in-hand. It’s covered in sketches of the character within, adorable cute drawings you just wanna hug. I’ll save what I can, and I can’t imagine anyone not wanting a cardboard cut of Tiana – or any of the characters – looking so precious, for a bookmark or ornament.  

The Elsa bag I bought to put me over the top for free shipping is absolutely beautiful. So lovely, in fact, that it twinned in shipping ! Yup, I have two of them, even though both the invoice and packing slip show only one. Yaaay, double Elsa !

Beloved has the Amazon box under the tree – I think I have to wait ‘til Friday for that one. That’s fine, I already have plenty new to play with ! I got this dress from the Flea Market this weekend, and to my surprise, it looks pretty good on molded-bodice-shirt Anna. Hmmm. . .  new challenge ! Is it possible to sew stuff that’ll make one of the much-hated molded-top dolls more fun to play with ? I think I know a bit of what 2016 has in store for me !

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