Thursday, December 17, 2015

Even knockoff Perler beads are fun !

OK, lemme say this : Perler beads are awesome fun ! I was idly messin’ with the Dollar Tree set, waiting for lunchtime, and I liked the simple design I came up with. You know darn good and well I wasn’t gonna make the butterfly pictured on the box. It was easy and kinda mindless, and very easy to jar and have to redo, several times, plus the beads will leap across the room with no encouragement at all. It’s a bit telling that this dollar set came with a decent set of plastic tweezers when none of the name-brand sets did. And I’ll be the first to admit the bead colors were pretty garish, but I wanted to stay strictly with the cheep knockoff before I compared it to the name-brand one. I do have to confess, though, that I misplaced the DTree direction sheet and used the Perler ones, to good results.

I liked it. It’s versatile, creative, fun, and easy to get a ‘keeper !’ result - even our ancient iron melted them fairly well. I’m told the ironing paper is just wax paper, something Perler sells separately for ridiculous money even with a 40% off coupon, so I’ll experiment with that and let you know. Universe knows I’ll be doing this again soon !

I had some beads left, but used all but one blue and nearly all the purple. And you can see the neat tweezers and peg board the DTree kit came with. All I supplied was a hot iron and some ribbon to hang it with. Heck, Timey could have done it herself, it’s a lot easier than pretending to be a Hasbro Sweet Cookie doll !

Speaking of coupons, I joined the Jo-Ann’s text contest – sign up, and they text you a link at random, and the first however many to respond get a gift card, and I guess the rest get a coupon. I played yesterday and ‘won’ my choice of a 50% off one item or free shipping with a $35. purchase code – I chose the 50% off, what I got in e-mail hours later was the free shipping. Oh, well. Glitches happen, and it’s not like there isn’t a similar coupon in every Jo-Ann’s mailing or on their site every week. It was kind of fun to play.

Well, tomorrow’s the start of a big weekend ! I’m turning in early. Happy tomorrow, everyone !

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  1. Dear DorrieBelle,
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    Signed, Treesa