Saturday, December 12, 2015

It's so pretty ! Soon to be covered up with dolls !

Started Saturday with my old friend jealousy, she’s never far from me. Someone else posted a sock sweater on an MH doll first thing, and it’s already gotten waaaay more comments and ‘likes’ in three hours than mine’s garnered in 24. I can’t even be mad, it’s better made for a smaller doll out of a sock with a better image, but I still feel a little . . .sidelined. Ah, well. Time to go make something else – and keep it just between us, every time I share to a larger audience, I always end up feeling like it just doesn’t matter ‘cause everyone else does better and faster with superlative materials. Or whatever they just found in the middle of the road. Yeah, self-pity also tends to hang out when jealousy visits. At least they left after preparing a plate for me to chew on later.

Beloved Hubby said the sweetest thing to me last night. Evidently I looked a little sad while trying on that ‘Sweet Cookie’ doll’s outfit – another selection from the bucketless bucket of doll clothes I bought at the flea market a few months ago – on a Timey Tell. Actually, I was debating donating one of my two Timey dolls. I have two because I bought one years ago (she was a much-loved favorite from my childhood - mine from ’72 went the way of all toys when Mother decided I didn’t need them and I wasn’t home to stop her) then snagged another off eBay for her shoes and dress – and couldn’t decide which to keep, so I have both. I couldn’t even tell you which was here first now.

Beloved told me that the whole reason he was building my Christmas bookcase was so I could keep all my dolls, and have space to play. If I was gonna start giving them away, he wasn’t making my bookcase, I wouldn’t need it. When I told him I’d been thinking maybe someone would like to find a Timey at a thrift, it might be someone’s small holiday miracle, he said that’s true, but that’s also what eBay’s for. It was closer to the truth that she’d be torn apart by some little girl and thrown away before all the confetti from 2016 was swept away. Hard to argue with that logic ! So, yes, I’m keeping both Timeys. Plus she looks pretty good in that cute blue gingham shift ! I should find that pinafore I made for her years and years ago.. . .

That’s my new bookcase there, just awaiting paint. He made the whole thing out of hardwood and pine we had in the garage, and it only took him a little over two hours. I can’t wait to play with it ! It even has a vent at the bottom, ‘cause putting it where I want to would block the Playroom’s only vent. He’s so awesome. . .

We both had a hard time staying home today – retail is h@ll on the Saturdays before Christmas – since, after paying bills and getting Dearest Son’s holiday together, we still had some funds left. We both wanted to ‘just look around a little’ all day long. Instead, we stayed busy and only went to a few places later in the evening, although crowds were still thick, even at Harbor Freight and GoodWill. Still don’t know what all the drama was this afternoon on Chez Insanity Street – two police cruisers plus one of the big SUV versions, all silent running, parked nearby, then there was various voices yelling from a few houses down. Even though we were out in the garage and hearing / seeing everything in public from a prime spot as it unfolded, we tried to not look and stayed out of it. Curiosity’s still there, though.

Spray-painted one of the two pair of MH FT Gooliope shoes I got from the Mattel parts replacement shop. They’re still a bit ‘tacky’ to the touch, but they painted well. If they dry OK, I’ll attack the other pair of FT Frankie shoes with some blue paint. That’ll give her black, white, black/white, blue, and red shoes, which should be plenty for a while. If she needs more, I’ll have to figure out how to make ‘em m’self !  

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  1. What a great shelf. It's great that your DH is an awesome carpenter. It's great that Timey gets to stay with her sister :O)