Thursday, December 10, 2015

Did someone say 'Ugly Holiday Sweater' party ?

Nice day today. Sunny and 70° - our winter is shaping up as a lovely spring ! Picked up a book Beloved Hubby requested from the Library, hit the half-off Thursday thrift (nothin’, thank Everything !), picked up the spray paint I wanted to customize FT Frankie’s shoes from Mal-Wart and had a look around, then had a blast at Dollar Tree. Got a ‘Rolling Art Kit’ – basically a paper scroll of coloring images, some stickers, and three crayons, in several licensed choices, mostly Disney owned. I got Frozen for me and Star Wars for Dearest Son’s stocking. I also got two tin-box puzzles, one Frozen, one MH. They had *everything* from Batman to MLP to Barbie to Avengers. Got the usual pickles and small groceries, plus snacks and treats.

You can see what I did with the pair of holiday socks I scored ! It looked better in my mind, though. The story I give it is that FT Frankie went for a layered approach for the nearly-traditional ‘Ugly Holiday Sweater’ party on the last day of school. The little ‘footie’ socks were long enough for a short dress, but the snowmen originally on the top row just didn’t look good over her bustline. Plus, I messed up cutting the cuff and toes, making it too short for much beyond a tunic. I really need to make some more leggings.

The tunic only used one sock, so I made a simple shrug out of the other one. Not too bad, I got the stripes to mostly match. It went together well, with a few extra tucks and darts to improve the fit after the principal sewing was done. Wish I could get a better photo ! Since I’ve read over and over that enlarging regular MH patterns 150% will give a workable FT one, I’m hoping to try that tomorrow. After all, I got lots of new fabric !

Beloved was home early, and we’ve ordered the components for Dearest’s Christmas computer. Whew ! He’s already cut out most of my custom bookcase, and hopes to have that done this weekend. As for him, he’s pricing car stereo systems, and I’ve a firm promise to buy the embroidery software of my choice if I don’t mind holding off ‘til mid-January or so. Fine with me !  

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  1. How cute! It just astonishes me that you can make something that nifty out of a sock!