Friday, December 18, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Doll Christmas . . .

I had a raging case of insomnia last night, so as the hours advanced to single digits in preparation of another day, I decided to sew, so the night wouldn’t be a total loss. I’d heard increasing regular MH patterns by 150% would create working FT  patterns. I’ve been wanting to try that theory. So I pulled up a simple favorite – the Shannanigan strapless dress, click that to get your own – and blew it up. Came out just about right ! It was a little baggy at the top, rather snug at the hips, but she can sit with it, and I added two tiny darts to the bodice edge, so that worked. Hope to try it again tonight. The bust darts and hip curves are right where they belong, so I’m pleased with the results. The original pattern goes from ‘mini’ to ‘calf’, so it’s very versatile. May have to try that ‘150 trick’ on some of the other MH patterns I have – some I never used !

Don’t know about you, but it seemed like I could hardly visit the downstairs bathroom by myself without something nagging at me that the new Star Wars movie was officially out today. That was half the conversation at Game Day – women who really didn’t care and weren’t at all interested being roped into Opening Night showings, but could name all the new characters and had elaborate plans for dinner and the day. I just kept my mouth shut save to wish them a good time and available parking. Not like I had any plans, or that anyone asked.

So. Before I get bitter (too late !) let me tell you that I finally made up my mind what my guys are getting me for Christmas. 

And I ordered them today ! I figured I’ll finally have the space and I’ve wanted the Deluxe Set for a while, and it’s on sale for a great price, so why not ? Probably won’t get here ‘til after the holidays, but that’s fine.

I had a choice of paying $10. in shipping or spending $15. more for free shipping, so you know I took the second option. Hopefully, whenever Elsa and Anna arrive, Tiana will, too. has a great sale on Animators dolls, just $15. each. I could have gone cheap and just gotten the Frozen dolls individually, but I wanted the nightgowns, and you know how much I love dress forms ! And I've really missed my LDP Tiana.

Well, tomorrow’s gonna be a mess – last Saturday before Christmas ! – and if tonight's any indication, the roads will be somewhere between 'zoo' and 'zombie apocalypse' by noon. So I’m hopping up early to do some errands and banking. Then I am gonna sew !

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