Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hoping for seam ripper fun tomorrow. . .

Game Day went well – Dearest Son got to tell everyone about the new computer he wants to build with Beloved Hubby for Christmas. He even had a hand-printed list of components as a visual aid. We’ll probably order parts next week, Beloved’s put in serious hours already.

Afterwards, we paid a visit to Mal-Wart, to just walk around and pick up a couple grocery items nobody has on sale this week. While I’m hoping to soon find some ‘Made to Move’ Barbie dolls – admirably reviewed at Toy Box Philosopher – I’m glad I didn’t today. I’d have found some way to put at least two on layaway or something ! Some of her joints look a lot like FT Frankie’s.

Got to see the new ‘budget’ MH ­– no accessories, simple clothes, retread shoes, and not much articulation – and thought they were overpriced at $9.97. But I can see the appeal for those who’ve had to find missing hands and broken arms. Frankie’s ‘molded’ stitches are kinda cute, but they don’t look quite right to me. While I like Gigi’s dress, and don’t have a doll of her, I’m still gonna pass. Ours had her, Frankie, and DracuLaura, I’ve seen images of Clawdeen, but our store either didn’t get her or already sold out. Everything else was the same as our last two visits.

For his part, Dearest is narrowing down which Star Wars Lego set he’s gonna add to his birthday list. He’s leaning towards the less expensive sets, as he already knows his computer is gonna be most of his holiday gifting. But he was happy to see them in store.

Then, for whatever reason, once we got home, I couldn’t keep my head up. I felt so tired, I was actually dizzy. So I drank a lot of water, in case it was dehydration, and read a bit more of the new Stephen King book I got from the Library. Finished my Tasks of the Day with enough time to sit for a bit before Beloved was home. He was in a bit of a mood, so we watched Darkman over dinner, again reminiscing over what we thought of some scenes twenty years ago. Since we were serving ourselves during the worst parts, Dearest watched with us. I think his sympathies were reserved for the grey warehouse cat !

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