Monday, December 7, 2015

Some of the weight on our shoulders is what we’ve chosen to not let go.

Oh, forgot to tell ya -  Beloved Hubby and I had some time together yesterday, so we made snacks and Netflixed Electric Boogaloo, a fun and nostalgic documentary chronicling the early days and eventual crash of favorite 80s B-movie studio Cannon Films. Ya might not recognize the name, but if you’re my age, you know the logo and their catalog :  the Death Wish series, Masters of the Universe, Alien From L.A., American Ninja series, Breakin’, Delta Force, Last American Virgin, Superman IV. . .at their peak, they released 43 movies one year. Very enjoyable – we talked through a good chunk of it, sharing ancient memories and good times.

Our ‘old’ truck made it to Beloved’s far-flung job site just fine today, but then the heater stopped working. But when he turned it off then on again on the way home, it worked fine.  That’s a relief ! We could squeeeeeak by this month, we’re nearly caught up on some late bills, if it weren’t Christmas. Beloved’s working extra hours, Dearest Son knows we’re doing all we can for the holidays, and says he’ll be happy with another ham and a big bag of chips and dip all his own. We should be able to do a bit more than that !

Hoping to sew something soon – I normally don’t get to ‘til Wednesday, because ‘clean up from the weekend’ Monday and ‘Game Day’ Tuesday take more time than you’d think. Should have some time between ‘desperate for clean clothes’ Wednesday !

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