Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Stolen from 'Disney Ladies From Last Night' - a laugh riot every post !
Long day, but a good one. Got the kitchen cleaned up – it’d gotten pretty bad in two days of neglect ! – and the trip to IL’s OldTown pharmacy only took a little under two hours. No thrift store this time, I pled zero funds, and they pled even less, so we sat in two parking lots for most of that time. Evidently their health care providers are running Ye Olde Circle about FIL’s back pain treatment and management, which is all they would talk about. Even trying to turn it over to the holidays and Dearest Son’s Saturday visit would lead invariably back to that. So it was less festive than you might think.

I got Beloved Hubby’s co-worker’s gifts wrapped – half-skull neck warmers (sort of like this, but in a brownish-green) folded into cheery red kitten paper. He’ll see them tomorrow, and I hope they like ‘em. He got one for himself, they’re pretty cool. I’m just glad he can pull them up over his ears, they never get any protection in this constant wind !

Deboxed Animator Tiana, and she’s utterly adorable. I’ll probably have her hair down before Friday – cute as it is, I wanna see how long it goes. I love the hopeful, dreamlike quality her face has. And that one of her socks is sagging !

Hoping to sew tomorrow – we’re also due for a big storm this weekend, so I wanna make a quick early-morning food run. Hope you dream of sugar-plums tonight !

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