Monday, December 14, 2015

Pretty fly for a first try !

Needs work, but not too bad for a trial run !

Today, I learned that I can skillet-fry chicken ! Sounds silly, I know, but when you live in the land of cheap fried chicken as a dietary staple, it doesn’t seem that important to learn to do it yourself. You’re gonna get a plate of grease along with the flour and fowl no matter who does it how, may as well enjoy someone else’s culinary non-burned expertise. Still, I’ve read recipes aplenty and had some use-it-or-lose-it chicken to experiment on, and it went well. I don’t think it’ll surpass the ‘two pieces (our choice), $1.’ Tuesday Special at the local fry joint any time soon, but it’s a real boost to the week to know I can ! I had a little uncooked chicken left over, so I’ve boiled it for soup, tomorrow’s lunch.

Most of Dearest Son’s Christmas and the cordless jigsaw tool Beloved Hubby ordered arrived today – was all supposed to be here yesterday, but from what I’m reading, one day late is a gift. Nearly all delivery companies are running massively late, and don’t expect that to change ‘til 2016 dawns. The rest of his is due Wednesday, but Friday’s fine. We put the tree up tonight and got it decorated, and just for fun, wrapped up everything but the jigsaw, which Beloved needs tomorrow. Nice !

I had some sweet, nostalgic fun with this article today – Jezebel’s What’s The Toy You Just Couldn’t Live Without ? . You know, Timey’s not gone back to her shelf yet ! (grin)

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