Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Monday !

The sky and the ceiling of the house across the street are very nearly the same color. So is the lawn, thanks to sleet that looks like snow. That makes for some interesting visual illusions ! We had a light, pretty snowfall that lasted a good fifteen minutes, but didn’t stick. Still, roads are a mess, so I prevailed on Beloved Hubby to stay home. It didn’t take a lot of convincing !

He proclaimed the bookcase dry and ready for use, so I had some fun moving things and dolls around. My original plan was to move the Barbie / sixth-scale dolls to the bookcase, but I re-thought it now that all the Animators dolls were de-boxed. All of them fit standing on the top shelf, and the DP & M girls sit beneath. They’re a bit crowded, so I may leave whoever just got the latest outfit on the stand.

That freed up two shelves in the old bookcase, so Elphie got her own shelf, temporarily. She’ll share with FT Frankie and any other larger scale dolls that come along. I divided the fashion dolls into Barbie and Movie / Anime / Disney dolls, then I then realized that, once I open the Frozen trio Beloved and Dearest Son got me for Christmas, I’ll once again have severe crowding on the fashion doll shelves. Plus I still have an empty shelf, so I changed it to Barbie, Movie/Anime, and Disney. This can always be shuffled later, and may have to be, if those Hasbro dolls look as good as the photos I’m seeing. Since I already have six Frozen dolls alone, I may end up with one shelf just for them later !

Read three articles on the much-maligned Star Wars Holiday Special, that incredible mess that aired before Thanksgiving 1978. About all I remember was being upset at how just plain ugly everyone looked like in the cartoon (sorry, Nelvana !), and wondering what the heck Maude had to do with it. I don’t remember Carrie Fisher singing, because I’d probably wandered away by then. Well, I was twelve. Hard to believe that it won’t just go away, George Lucas himself said he’d smash every master and home-recorded tape of it he could, given enough time and funds. One thing I found interesting – all the Wookiees in it, except possibly Chewbacca, wore slightly modified Don Post full-head Chewbacca masks, available in late 1977, if my memory of old ads in Starlog magazine can be trusted. I shouldn’t be surprised, it was over-budget by the time the first set, the Wookiee home, was built. But even I knew the kid-Wookiee was walking in front of  a painted exterior, even at twelve !

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