Monday, June 29, 2015

You win *this* time, sidewalks... (growlmuttergrumble)

Well, pedestrians, pets, and other drivers are safe ‘til Friday, at least. Turns out it’ll cost almost $400. in various fees and title miscellaneous to get Emmy-car back on the road legally. We had a little over half that budgeted. Honestly, it cost that to plate Beloved Hubby’s truck, and it’s from this century. I didn’t think it’d cost the same to plate a car nearly old enough to drink,  but there it is, so it’ll hafta wait a bit. Meanwhile, we bought her new tail-lights, and at $80. for the set, I can see why they were never repaired by the guy we bought her from.

Got gently but firmly chewed out by the VA for some weight gain over the weekend, so I’ve reigned m’self in from the excess of the weekend and gone back to stay busy = don’t snack. Had the Jen Wrenne Week #4 leggings stitched up shortly after noon. They. . . weren’t as easy as the other patterns. She called for twin needle stretch-stitch sewing on this one, and the walking foot balks a bit at zig-zag. You don’t wanna know what it did with the one sharp twin needle I had that was narrow enough to stay within the limited clearance of the foot. Neither a pleasant experience nor a satisfactory result. Ended up ripping it out and going with stretch stitching with a single needle until I can find a narrow ballpoint twin. Plus, I had to go with a narrow inseam, and even though I just did a foldover casing, not a separate waistband one, if I wanted the leggings to fit at the inseam, they rode up to just below her chest-plate. So I can cut that down a bit while I’m widening the legs a little. Otherwise, they’re pretty cool. I was super-careful to match the fabric before I cut it, ‘cause I wanted the legs to match. One good thing about stripes, it’s usually pretty easy to get hems to match ! 

Before that, I cut out some fabric for my birthday hat. I’m still really timid about it. So I researched fitness centers and gyms around here. Now that I can drive, I can go ! Too bad the one I was most interested in costs double what they advertise, plus a big maintenance fee, and more for supervised Dearest Son care, which isn’t part of the membership, although the ads make it look that way, and it still doesn’t have much of what I need. Of the six in the area, only two even gave prices, but hey, I can tan free everywhere ! If I wanted to tan, I could go to one of the 50 salons around here, why do the gyms have to do that, too ? 

So I think I’m gonna get another Wii. I really enjoyed Wii Fit until our console quit reading discs, and still have the balance board and software. Maybe, at the top of the month, I’ll see if that pawn shop still has any – they had dozens months ago for just $30. GameStop wants $70. for a guaranteed used one, but they throw in three cheapie games, Amazon has new for $100. Always good to have options.Meanwhile, there's and hundreds of other workout videos, if I want to try 'em.

Centered and marked the blue fleece I bought in place of the blue felt I wanted but couldn’t find for my birthday hat, then figured I’d better test a scrap, since it’s been a long time since I embroidered fleece, and never for something that I wanted to add stabilizer to permanently. Long story short, I stitched up a larger version of the roller skate design on Merri’s shirt to a scrap of fleece with felt appliqued on as the skate boot and pink finishing the back. Cut it a bit too close on the heel, but it looked OK. So it now has a magnet glued to the back and has a home holding up a Chinese menu on the fridge. Used up some stabilizer scraps, too. Yaay !

I’m hoping to actually start embroidering the hat tonight. . .

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