Sunday, June 28, 2015

Everybody off the sidewalks – I’m driving again soon !

It took hours, $80., and a chance search result online, but Emmy-car is running again ! Beloved Hubby replaced the master cylinder, several times, and her clutch was still limp as 30 - minute pasta. I tried to help by bleeding the lines of air, which gets tiring fast – Dearest Son and I had to trade off frequently. Still nothing. He refused to read any of the paperwork that came with the parts or research the problem on line, so I did. A lot of the search results were parsecs past my meager knowledge of car mechanics, but one possible solution made sense. Replace the slave cylinder, too. That worked, in about 30 minutes ! 

We could only give her an around – the – block test, as her license plate expired at the end of February. Longtime readers might remember we had a truck towed away because long-term borrower FIL was supposed to renew the tags and never did, so the plates on it were over a year out of date. Cost us $800. between tow fees, storage fees (for one hour), plate update, and penalties to get a $500. truck back. It won’t happen again. I’m calling a tag agency tomorrow, see if we have enough fundage to get her plated. If so, Beloved can take care of it during lunch - I may be driving Emmy-car again by Tuesday ! If not, maybe Friday or Saturday. Yippeee ! 

We also changed the brake pads on his truck, and made a list of everything both vehicles need. Had a nice McLunch, then the guys fell asleep watching Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man’s Chest, but I stayed awake – we had the garage open and lots of tools scattered around, didn’t want to leave them unattended. Sad to say I just sort of dawdled around instead of working on my birthday hat. Guess what else is on my agenda Monday ?

Made PDorrie a new necklace out of some old Mardi Gras–style beads I got in a long-ago toy grab bag from a thrift. Squeee ! I’ll be able to go thrifting again soon ! When I was a kid, these necklaces were great to play with, and I still liked them when I was older. Figured out how to shorten them with scissors as a teen. Basically, ya just measure out the desired length, add an extra bead or two, then push the end beads together (they’ll join at the threads) and twist. They stay together all day that way. For a more permanent necklace length you can slip off over your (or your doll’s) head, the end beads can be melted together over a candle, provided you have asbestos fingers and good reflexes. I preferred twisting. I liked it best when I had several identical necklaces I could customize and wear all the different lengths together. Who cares if they’re cheap if they look cute ?

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