Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Aurora, you're a firework !

After having so much fun with knits these past few weeks – especially now, with the walking foot ! – I wanted to play with wovens a while. So today, I did ! 

Ever since Week #3’s Summer Sew Along pattern was shown to be a boatneck blouse, I’ve thought of a shirt I used to have, years and years ago. It was actually a failed sewing attempt of my mother’s, a simple white nylon shell that was waaay too big for her, and the neckline would only stay on one shoulder at a time. Of course, I loved it – these were the Flashdance years, and the thin shell  was much more comfortable over a tank top than the original sweatshirt version. I especially loved it over a swimsuit or my red tank leotard that I liked to wear skating. I think I wore it out. 

So, when the roller skate boatneck blouse, with the altered sleeve / underarms went so well, I decided to alter the pattern a little more, and try it in a woven cotton for a change. Pushed the neckline wider about a half- inch, cropped off an inch from the bottom, kept the sleeves the same from the skate blouse – and it came out great ! Exactly the Flashdance shell I remembered. Drapes great over other shirts ! And will be great for embroidery. Heck, I’m seriously tempted to stitch out one of the several firework designs I have on this one – it’s the same fabric I used on the ‘Elsa’ tote bag, but here, it looks more like fireworks and less like snowflakes. So cool. . . 

And it took me maybe 45 minutes, start to finish. I’ve about concluded that rushing leads to bad sewing, there’s never any sense in eliminating the fun for some arbitrary self-imposed timeline, and ’30 Minute Anything’ books should be outlawed for lies and deceit, but it is nice to know about how much time to budget for projects. 

So I’ve cobbled together another boatneck blouse pattern, this one for the Little Disney Princess dolls, namely Princess Dorrie. They can fit DP&M outfits, sort of, but they’re kind of between DP&M and 14-inch sizes. That’s ready for tomorrow, but I really need to get some housework done !  


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