Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Two down, one to go !

Finished the second of my Three Projects today, although I didn’t intend to. It was just easier to make all four towels at once than drag out the iron for just two, then wait for it to cool down so I could put it away, and do it all again tomorrow, same for the other steps. I kept saying I’d do this part on all four, but would probably finish the other two tomorrow, next thing I knew, all four were done. Probably made fewer mistakes, as I was adjusting and changing the sewing machine far less often. Only hand-sewing the  buttonholes was gonna take the same amount of time either way. And I did that after supper, while the guys vegged in front of TV. I vegged with them (Blues Brothers on Netflix) and sewed the buttons then. Two were sewn with cut gathering threads. Told you I was cheap !

Hope she likes them. I could have gone with four identical buttons, but I thought she’d enjoy these more. There’s a black and gold paisley one, a rose-shaped one, a basketweave button, and a pretty sort of floral-mandala one. If her jewelry is any indication, she favors gold tones over silver by a vast margin. Packed ‘em all back in the Dollar Tree bag the towels came here in, along with the leftover fabric and thread. Since it was bought for her and this project, why not ? She says she wants to start sewing again, and while there isn’t much there, it may inspire her regardless. Can always bring it back home if she doesn’t want it. Same for the towels, but I think she’ll want them !

Otherwise, I wore m’self out on the rest of the piled-up dishes and the kitchen. Made a nice lunch, too – so I wasn’t at all put out when Beloved Hubby reminded me it was Tuesday, and we hadn’t had fried chicken in two weeks ! I volunteered to go pick up some of the special, and spent most of the rest of the evening on the sofa.

What a great day ! Hope yours was awesome, too !

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