Thursday, June 11, 2015

Yay ! Jen Wrenne skirt - I can do reversible knits now !

Whoo-hoo ! My printer works again ! My shiny green cable is awesome.  It arrived just in time for Week Two of Jenn Wrenne’s Summer Sew Along. This week’s a simple reversible knit skirt, which my girls could use lots more of. Just hope I have enough of this scrap fabric – that purple t-shirt’s made a skirt, a shirt, and a romper already, and I want to use it on this skirt, too. Already picked out the reversible side, too. 

Since it was only two pattern pieces – needed two skirt pieces and one waistband - I went ahead and cut it all out. I was looking forward to having a purple skirt again, as I’d dressed one of the yard sale dolls in the old one, and misplaced the fabric ‘til this week. Yaay ! A few hours, meals and an embroidery webinar later, I got back to it. The webinar was interesting, but was really 60% ad, 25% charity fundraiser, 15% chat and some tips. Nothing really I didn’t already know, except that people who run webinars think we all have 8” x 10” hoops, and unlimited rolls of some sort of sticky-back water soluble stabilizer, something I’d never heard of before. 

So. The skirt. I started to hem it, running on auto-pilot, forgetting I was making it reversible. Nothing I couldn't back out of, just wasted a bit of time. Had a little trouble with the very narrow casing waistband, at least, it was narrow by the time I was done with it ! Luckily, the boo-boo is in the back, so I altered the pattern piece to be a little thicker, and a little longer. But the fit is determined by elastic inside the casing, so while it doesn’t look as good in the back as it should, it fits and looks OK. Compared to the photo with the pattern, it’s pretty much a match. I’ll probably like it a lot better tomorrow, when the errors are a little less sharp in my mind. I like the pattern, and it came out well, so I’m sure to use it again. 

Oh, yes, and Jen Wrenne even complimented the tank top photo ! Said it was nice to see the dolls in other than Princess-wear, she almost wanted one. I’m glad we’re happy with each other. ‘Cause I’m already looking forward to Week 3 !

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