Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunflower Sunday !

As usual, a quiet Sunday. I’m starting to think JenWrenn isn’t too fond of me either, as my comment thanking her for the pattern, saying how well it sewed up for Tia, hasn’t yet been approved, although the one before mine was within minutes. Probably a coincidence, but it’s no big deal even if it’s true. She doesn’t have to like me, I’m not really that nice anyway.

Spent a good chunk of the afternoon on chat with AT&T UVerse. For whatever reason, our internet hiccupped a day or three ago, and ever since then, our DVR can’t access our recorded programs. I’ve restarted it, rebooted it, factory reset it, nothing. Did it all again with an AT&T rep – long story short (too late !), they’re sending us a new one. I almost hate for them to bother, since we’re gonna cancel service soon as our contract is up. I already have plenty of time sinks, I really don’t need $40./month cable to remind me of how many people on this planet are a waste of air. (told you I wasn’t very nice !)

Had a nice long nap after a Chinese food lunch – so good ! – and spent my last bit of pocket change on a new embroidery design. It’s a representation of the sunflower design from Anna’s Frozen Fever dress, which I haven’t seen yet. Hmm. Really should go check, see if it’s on YouTube yet. Anyway, it was half price, and even if ya don’t know where it’s from, it’s still a pretty sunflower. Sunflowers are like big dandelions, so you know I like them. Expect to see it soon ! Maybe even on one of these knit shirts that will make such excellent ‘blanks’ for embroidery. . . 

Speaking of Anna, there she is in the Dollar Tree Dress, #2. The top and sleeves are a bit over-big, and I had to cinch the waist in with a black ribbon tied over the sewn-on one. With a few pinches and adjustments, though, it’s pretty nice, and looks cute on her, especially the shoes ! Even the purse is nice, although I never use those, I like the look of it. I think there’s only two styles and colors of shoes in this set, but I’ll double-check when I take M & FIL to DTree Wednesday.

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