Saturday, June 27, 2015

Not sure where the rainbow came from, but after yesterday's Supreme court Ruling, I'm delighted with it !

Slept fairly well, so I was in a ‘let’s go’ mood that left me behind in the face of leftover potato chips and another movie or two. I tend to be adrift when Beloved Hubby works all weekend. However, I did manage to get off my backside long enough to use one of the embroidery designs I bought last week – on sale, of course ! – and got a very small start  on my birthday hat, ‘cause July’s coming up fast. 

Managed to get the keychain made ! It calls for a snap tab plier set, available online and in various versions at most craft stores, to snap the strap down, but I don’t have that. It’s not even that expensive, but I hate to buy another one-use tool for just one project. Even though many sellers have dozens of designs that would use the same snap tabs, it’s  unlikely I’ll make that many keychains. I hand-sewed this one shut, and while it wasn’t fun, and doesn’t look professional at all in the back, the bottom line still is that I’m just not gonna make enough of these to justify a $25. investment.   

Beloved’s putting in a half-day tomorrow, and will be home to work on Emmy-car tomorrow. I don’t know who’s more excited, me or Dearest Son. He gets to be Beloved’s helper, something he’s been looking forward to. Here’s hoping getting her plated won’t cost more than what we have !

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