Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Won a prize yesterday - and used it to keep winning today !

I was so lucky yesterday ! Entered a quick little Facebook contest from Momma MC, an embroidery designer, and won my choice of any design ! I quickly snagged the just-released –from –retirement Roller Skate Feltie – and it came with a corset feltie, too. Felties are small designs usually stitched on felt ‘cause it doesn’t fray, then cut and glued to hair clips or headbands. I don’t do hair accessories, but the small designs are great for doll clothes ! I let the owner know I got the corset design I wasn’t entitled to, and offered to pay, or delete it, but she said I could keep it with her compliments. Whoo-hoo !

So I figured I’d knock out a bunch of ‘wanna dos’ - starting with the skate design ! I’d been meaning to try a design on knit fabric using the spray adhesive, that’d work fine with the feltie, and if I had enough fabric, I could try out my alterations to the Summer Sew Along Week #3 Boatneck pattern blouse, too. And since it was an applique, I could use some of that shimmer vinyl I bought with our tax refund. Plus I’d meet another goal – embroidering and sewing the design into something the same day, using both my main sewing machines ! Of course, they take time, so I accomplished this feat by assiduously avoiding the housework I had mentally scheduled today. 

And it went pretty well, although the white glitter vinyl is. . . well, not as pretty and shiny as I’d hoped, and as the other colors I got. The design is great, but as you can see, I can cut felt much better than vinyl. Just  need more experience, and those’ll look better. My pattern alterations worked about the way I hoped, and I’m thinking of widening the neckline a bit, cropping the length, so I’ll have a Flashdance – style over-blouse. Got a little more experience with the walking foot and holo-shimmer embroidery thread (only one break this time !), too, which is all to the good. Remembered to snag a freebie newspaper to shield the washer from over-spray adhesive, and I swear, even the Velcro ™ closures in the back went in better with the walking foot. The knit fabric I used is a shred of a thin thermal shirt purloined from a Box Of Rags ™ Beloved Hubby bought for work. Wasn’t sure how I’d ever use it, but it looks grand on Aurora ! 

(happy sigh) Fried chicken special for supper, too. What a great day I had ! I confess, I had a hard time getting started, but I’m so glad I pushed through ! Confidence is worth the struggle to get.

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