Friday, June 26, 2015

For a relieved sort of Friday, I'm oddly not that excited.

Maybe it wasn’t funds-worrying that’s stealing my sleep. Went to bed happy and well- fed (we used part of the ‘inconvenience’ money to dine out last night !) , but still woke up several times and it seemed like I barely fell under before I woke up again. 

So I didn’t get much done today, and wasn’t in a mood to sew at all. And clumsy as I was all day, it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea even if I’d wanted to. Caught up on a little housework, watched some of the movies we taped from a recent free HBO weekend. Gone Girl kind of bugged me – must be nice to be gorgeous and rich and have every man who’s ever known you obsessed with you years after you dumped ‘em. How she inspired such love and devotion when she’s cruel and just plain full of mean head games escapes me. Not to mention the huge ‘home surveillance camera’ plot hole, one of several. Maybe the book is better. We all liked The Lego Movie much better, although I could have done without more Will Farrell. Seriously, what does he have on half of Hollywood, that he has to be in every other movie I’ve ever seen ? 

Got to run up for some much-needed groceries this evening, so we had chips for movies, and I got more celery. I’m going through two stalks a week now. Not losing any weight, but I feel better about m’self.

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