Friday, June 19, 2015

My sewing machine will probably be doing more walking than me, soon.

Today I caved. . . .

Of course, I cave a lot. I encourage others to cave, too. What did me in today was the way my knit fabrics kept bunching up as I sewed ‘em. I could adjust ‘em as I went, but sometimes ended up with puckers or unintended pleats. Very frustrating. I thought using the tear-away stabilizer would help, but that keeps fabric from stretching while being nudged along by the feed dogs (after all, it goes on the underside of what I’m sewing) – it doesn’t keep the top and bottom fabrics moving together, not at all.

That’s what a walking foot does. Feeds the top fabric through at the same pace as the feed dogs do at the bottom. I’ve never had one. While I understood what they did, I figured if I’d sewn fairly well this long without one, why bother with it now ? Well, I may have known what they did before, I don’t think I truly understood what a difference one could make. I mean, I look at most feet and can see where they’d help a bit, but most are guides more than anything else. I use a chalk pen and masking tape on the throat plate when I need a guide, not a specialty one-use device ! I mean, I kinda growled at m’self for buying that ruffle – I usually just gather stitches, why do I really need that thing ? Turns out, it’s awesome, too, but we all gotta learn.

Imagine, not being timid around any knits anymore ! Any knits, not even Lycra, or that often cursed fold-over elastic ! That’d be well worth the $12.99 I paid for one on Amazon today – it’s due to arrive Sunday. So excited ! I’ll be sure to have a good review of it Monday. I hope it does what I think it does, well. 

I also mailed off my last piece of the notary puzzle – my bond and stamp filing, with the required fee. So, yay, I’m a notary now !

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