Saturday, June 20, 2015

Today, I jazzed up a hat !

It was kind of early today when I realized  I hadn’t finished my Three Projects this week ! I’ve been really busy, and did a lot the past few days, but I hadn’t made V’s hat. ‘V’ is my niece, who lives in another state. When I took MIL to Dollar Tree last week, that’s who she was shopping for, mostly. If I could finish it up early enough, I could ask her to add it to V’s treasure chest, hence the Projects list. 

While there, I found the conical Princess Hats DTree listed on their website, and while I liked them – and planned on making something similar for my upcoming birthday – I wanted one for a very specific project in mind. I got the blue one, as MIL insists, if she has the option, of only buying purple stuff for V. And pink was just too cliché. I figured I’d study it a bit, compare it to my paper knockup, then take it apart and embroider it, as a extra little gift for V. Knew I needed spray adhesive for it, so it had to wait ‘til I’d finished my testing, perhaps be put off until I could get to Hancock Fabrics.

But then the 3M adhesive tests went well, so why not get it done ? Hooped up some cut-away stabilizer (actually spray-glued two once-used pieces into one) then sprayed the cut-open hat and pressed it to the stabilizer. The ‘vine heart’ and script font are built in to Brody-machine, so that was easy. So it’d show up well, I ran the leaves and letter twice. Came out very nice, I think. I had some over-spray and didn’t want V’s hair to be caught up in it, so I cut some wide ribbon to match and pressed it over the glue spots. Adds a little extra stabilizer there, too. Once it’s dry, just for fun, I’m gonna cushion it with some tissue paper and put it back in its DTree packaging. Like it came that way !

I’ve asked MIL if she’s mailed off V’s package yet, but no response. All else fails, it won’t cost much to mail ourselves, if need arises.

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