Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On a roll. Even doing well with sewing knits ! Just not photography. . .

Still on a happy roll today. Cut out another Jenn Wrenne Summer Sew-Along tank shirt from the fabric I found yesterday – hope to sew it up tonight. Rearranged the cable TV wire under, around, and behind things, so it’s out of the way, finally. Cleaned up the messy Arena from the past two days of free standing lace experiments, and crossed the second  of my Three Projects off this week’s list – finally, after at least six months, I got the framed art and photos hung up in the bedroom. Meant to do it when I hung up the almost as long neglected doll cases, but was too tired, so I figured I’d do it the next day. Time sure does fly ! But at least it’s finally done now. As is typical for things I put off for a short eternity, it took less than a half hour, start to finish. Bedroom’s cleaner, too. 

Hoping I have enough time tomorrow to finish the last Project - tear up the Dollar Tree tote bag I got several weeks ago, measure it in case I wanna make another, and sew it back together with the ‘Elsa and Olaf’ embroidery design pocket I stitched out for it. Considering leaving it in pieces ‘til Friday, and embroidering my name on the blank side. I kind of need spray adhesive for that, so it may have to wait. Well, if I sew it with big stitches, I can always rip it apart again later ! 

Took MIL to Dollar Tree, as promised – FIL preferred some quality time with the sofa and DVD player. Years ago, when Dearest Son was Dearest Toddler, I went Black Friday shopping with MIL, starting at the pre-crack of dawn. Eight hours later, she was still going strong, I was begging for mercy, and didn’t want to buy so much as a soda for a week. Not a lot has changed in a dozen years ! We only went to DTree, but after an hour and a half, I was wiped out, and she was spoilin’ for more. Important thing is, she had lots of fun, and wants to go whenever I can take her. So I’m happy. Exhausted, but happy. 

I may just be able to sew tonight. . .

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