Saturday, June 6, 2015

Can anybody tell me why I have 'Wichita Lineman' stuck in my head ?

Yesterday was FIL’s birthday, so we went for a quick visit. Brought a gift – a replacement for their recently-fried DVD player – and the hanging towels. Both were much appreciated. MIL didn’t take long to hang up her favorite (the flower mandala one), and was glad to have the remaining fabric and thread. She’s still interested in sewing again, so we’ve made a tentative date for a trip to Hancock Fabrics. 

I’m also picking them up after Beloved Hubby comes home Wednesday for a Dollar Tree spree. I’d have taken them today, but fun funds are more plentiful for them later this week. So I only went once today, with Dearest Son. Picked out another doll outfit, mostly for the Barbie / MH hybrid shoes, but the dress itself may actually be cute once it’s out of the 
packaging. At least I can see this one has a back closure ! Anna’s already interested. . . 

I still think she looks cute in her other DTree dress. Instead of cutting off the uncomfortably high lace collar, I simply folded it over the ribbon neckline and tacked it down with a scrap of thread. You’ll hear all about her new outfit tomorrow ! Spoiler : She looks adorable ! 

As my guys passed the afternoon in gentle slumber, I decided to go ahead and take a swing at JenWrenn’s Sew Along, Week One, and earlier found a not-touched-since-the-move bag of old clothes I meant to prep for rags and doll clothes. Harvested some khaki scraps and four beige buttons for the stash. Dearest noticed an old shirt of his, a DTree one I’d embroidered. I’ve promised to make him a small pillow out of it, but I got the rest – basically what’s from the armpits up. More than enough for Tia’s homage-to-the-80s new nearly-neon green tank shirt ! I used the 16” – 18” Slim doll shirt pattern, with no alterations, and it fits pretty well. Followed Jen’s directions, which were well-photographed and described. She likes to use tear-away stabilizer on hems and seams, and I just happen to have plenty of strips of that stuff, long pieces of it torn from finished embroidery projects. Cool how that turned out.

Shirt looked *really* 80s with that yellow skirt, but I decided I’d like to see her in a denim one instead. Once I get that sewn up, you’ll get to see it – before even Jen does, I promise !

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