Thursday, June 25, 2015

A blast from my doll past. . . remember Princess Dorrie ?

Well. . .I didn’t intend my try at making that boatneck blouse in Little Disney Princess size to end up as another Flashdance shell, it seems to be what I ended up with ! Waaay too low on the shoulders, too wide, and actually a bit shorter than I wanted, too. Sleeves are also too tight, and that’s with a narrow seam allowance. Already redrew the alterations, but LDP Dorrie is so happy to finally get new clothes, she doesn’t care how they fit ! 

Got the new Jen Wrenne Summer Sew Along pattern – the latest and penultimate, ‘til she compiles all the participants and sends us the final one, in early July. I’ve already met the requirements, but I want to make the leggings she released today before I submit my request. I’ve even got ‘em cut out, but even with the walking foot’s help, making PDorrie’s blouse seemed to wear me out, although it was lack of sleep more than somehow suddenly strenuous sewing. 

(sigh) Late last night, I discovered that a check Beloved Hubby got for completing a side job bounced.  Luckily we hadn’t spent much of it – we’re kind of saving to get Emmy-car back on the road – but if the writer didn’t fix things and quick, we’d be in a world of hurt. Since Beloved was already asleep, I couldn’t discuss it with him  (not like he can fix it at midnight, after all), so I went to bed worried. Not good for sleep, that. 

And as it turns out, it ended up being a tempest in a teacup. Check’s author not only made good on  it, he added extra for the inconvenience, in cash, and we got it into the bank before we bounced anything. Whew ! Serves me right for worrying. Just wish I wasn’t so sleepy. . .

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