Friday, June 5, 2015

Darn. No photo today. Sorry !

Great news ! I found a source for the kind of water soluble stabilizer I need to make more free standing lace projects – and it’s so cheep, I won’t mind throwing the scraps away at all. Even better, it’s already pre-cut to fit my hoop ! The cheapest I could find before would be 27¢ for each hooping, and it’s sold by the yard, so I’d have to cut it m’self. This stuff’s 10¢ a sheet, with great reviews. I even have enough money to buy it without using House checking. Whoo-hoo !  

More good news – while I had some differences with JenWrenn last year, she does offer nice (and often free) patterns. She’s doing another sew-along this summer, free patterns for AG and other size dolls, with an eye towards creating a mix-and-match wardrobe, in knits. I can use some knit practice, so I’m throwing in. She’ll post the new pattern every Thursday, and take it down over the weekend. If I’m reading it correctly, she wants us to post photos in her group, and submit links to the pix at the end, to get the final pattern. Doable. It’ll fit in quite well as one of my weekly Three Projects. First pattern is already up, a simple tank top, tested and available for AG, available for slim 18” – 16” and 14” dolls. I’m going for the slim 18-16” pattern for the DP&M girls, probably this weekend. I got lotsa knits and tons of tearaway to use ! Curious, or already want in ? Check things out here

Speaking of freebies, there’s a free gladiator sandal pattern available for download over at Pixie Faire, all day today, then it’s probably $4. - $6. on Saturday. It’s also for AG – starting to know how non-Barbie fans felt every time a new doll pattern came out and it was for Babs & Co. – but long as we got scissors and pencils, that can be only temporary if it’s not what ya need. Free is always a good jump-off point if you can swing it ! Pixie Faire always does a free Friday pattern, it’s usually up for a vote mid-day Wednesday. Almost always, it’s AG, but again, alterations are fun. May be worth a visit if you do anything that size. They even have several freebies for Barbie and Disney dolls, all the time, scout around the site. One day, I’ll hafta buy one of their patterns – only one I’ve sewn from all those downloads is a free tee.  

I’m also thinking of expanding Three Projects into food. Lots of it out there, I have no idea how to cook it or what it tastes like. Some of it’s at Dollar Tree. Their snacks are almost always good, I like the turkey bacon, and their heat-and-eat French bread is superb. Today, I finally cooked the potato gnocchi I bought there a couple weeks back. From the recipes I found, you briefly boil the little dumplings, then add whatever sauce pleases your palate. I went with a garlic butter sauce, sprinkled with the last of the shredded mozzarella. Since lunch was planned ahead of time, I saved the ‘soup’ part of Dearest Son’s favorite roast beef ramen, and boiled the gnocchi in that. Came out pretty good, a bit salty, but tasty. Ate less than half the package. If I doused them in spaghetti sauce, would the dish be ‘Potatoes in Tomatoes’ ?

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