Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy day to all you Dads !

Yup. Two pounds in two days.

Happy Father’s Day ! Hope you got to spend it with the Dad you love most. Or had some great memories of yours today. Beloved Hubby had a nice, if understated one – cards and breakfast, then a run to Home Despot. They’ve pretty much cut off the veteran’s discount unless you have a service related injury and can prove it, so we’ve chosen to cut our spending there and give it to Amazon instead. No, Amazon doesn’t offer a discount, but they are usually cheaper and pretty darn fast. Frankly, I just don’t want to give our money to Despot anymore. They don’t want to believe me, the VA, or their own State ID / Driver’s License department  as to who is or isn’t a veteran, well, they don’t get the cash we spend on tools anymore. We don’t have much money, but we do buy tools fairly frequently. Congrats, Amazon ! 

We also swung by Hancock Fabrics. (sigh) It wasn’t my day in retail. I picked up the three things I wanted (that is, the fat quarter I wanted, some fleece instead of the felt they didn’t have, and a patterned felt square, on impulse) and was ready to go, but the one person in front of me at the register had five things and three coupons, and wanted to use them all. Um, whenever I tried that, I was told ‘one coupon per person / transaction, per day’, so I don’t know why the cashier took 12 minutes (seriously, I timed) to read all the coupons, including the one from JoAnn’s, before deciding to use them all, somehow. I was told the register wouldn’t allow more than one coupon, but clearly it does. Like I said, not a good day for me for retail. 

Undaunted, I took Dearest Son to Dollar Tree – got Beloved the clams he likes for lunch -  and some snacks, managed to not bring home a ton of t-shirts to use as fabric, and then hit up the local grocer to use an in-store coupon  for an item that’s been sold out and expires Monday night. No such luck, they’re still sold out. Ah, well. I got some of a product I did a survey for and said it was a stupid idea, but Dearest loves ‘em, and a couple more pounds of grapes. Yes, I alone ate two pounds of grapes in three days. Surprised my stomach isn’t in open revolt, but maybe I just surprised it. Maybe the stems weighed more than I thought.

Once home for more than ten minutes, I found that my walking foot had arrived ! Beloved and Dearest began working on Emmy-car, so I had time to play with it a bit. Wish it’d come with directions, I had no idea how it was supposed to fit. My first guess was clearly wrong, so I found a video explanation. Which was also wrong. OK, so. The U-shaped bar thing doesn’t go under the needle screw part, and putting it over it just means it gets pushed up and stays there, which does nothing to make the ‘feed’ work. Maybe it the U part fits around the needle screw part ? Yes ! And it’s wonderful ! I just stitched along some scraps, but the difference is amazing ! No bunching or wadding under the presser foot, and the stitches looks so even and – dare I say it ? – professional ! I’ll make time tomorrow to stitch up one of the Summer Sew Along pieces again, see how it compares. I hope it remains this awesome.

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