Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's a good thing Raquelle doesn't have to breathe !

Bedding day ! Almost as exhausting as Laundry Day, especially when Dearest Son ‘finds’ an overflowing basket of dirty clothes hiding in his closet that he forgot to bring down yesterday. Ah, well. At least now, I can get ‘em clean with the sheets and get ‘em put away with the blankets. And Beloved Hubby was most appreciative last night and again this morning when he didn’t have to play Sock Hunt. Personally, I can’t wait to dive into our freshly made bed tonight ! 

Fully half today’s loads were blankets, comforters, and heavy bedspreads. I got ‘em all nice and clean, boxed and bagged for this Fall, except for the lightest ones. It still gets cold at night, especially with all this rain. We actually had flooding in areas of OurTown yesterday. Dearest Son was very happy to have his Cars spread cleaned and repaired last night, and did a great job folding, hanging, and putting away his own clothes. I’d teach him to do laundry for me, but I sort of like doing it, and he’d do a whole load to wear a favorite shirt again ! And I still haven’t managed to teach pre-wash sorting to Beloved Hubby. . .

The great thing about laundry is that there’s time between loads, to either get a running start on sorting and storing, or to grab a breather. I sort of alternate. Great huge mountains of clean clothes can be intimidating, and I don’t need more excuses to do less work ! 

Or to sew ! I’m still kind of tired from yesterday, so I thought a quick alteration to yesterday’s twice-cut pattern would be fun and easy. Plus, if it worked out well, I could measure it (the new alterations were on the fly on the cutting board) and re-draft the pattern that way. Glad I didn’t ! Yeah, I added the purple strip. . . which is exactly as wide, with seam allowances, as the original dress was. Arrrgh. It’s off a bit in several places and, of course, just as tight as Belle’s version from yesterday, but I think it looks good on Rochelle. Back to the drawing board and cutting table ! Getting better on that collar, though, and I sewed the snap on it while watching Psych with Beloved tonight. I love combining relaxation and family time, don’t you ?

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