Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June !

White rabbit ! According to one of the local meteorologists, we had a big nine days in all of May that didn’t rain. It’s like it’s a new month, new weather system – it’s actually hot and very humid. Somehow, after all that rain and cold, we’ve ended up about where we normally are in June, although I haven’t yet turned on the air conditioning !

In an attempt to make my first-of-the-month funds go a little further than just a bunch more embroidery designs and fabric, when I’m already hip-deep in both, I put some aside for a charitable contribution and bought a subscription to a magazine. A good one ! (no, not Frozen magazine, if the Monster High version taught me anything, it’s that stock images and cutesy only go so far when 8 was four decades ago) I was so happy to learn Smithsonian still published – loved reading a fellow soldier’s subscription overseas, not to mention finding it again in a VA waiting room – that I made it my first purchase of June. I get 11 issues and a free umbrella for $12., and since I went direct, pretty much all of that goes to the Institute. Can’t imagine it’s much, but there’s my contribution ! 

As for the rest of the day, it was pretty quiet. Got rent paid – landlord didn’t cash May’s check yet, so he’s getting money orders from now on, luckily I know where they’re cheep – and cleaned up the Arena from the mess of the weekend. Embroidery thread and notes everywhere ! The kitchen was in even worse shape. Managed to use every plate and drinking glass in three days. Got all those rounded up and cleaned up, but I didn’t quite get to the hand-wash stuff before I overheated / wore out. Had enough for a load of laundry just picking up the living room and bathroom, so I ran that, too.

Hope to get another of my Three Projects at least half done tomorrow. Probably one set of hanging towels for MIL, and the next set Wednesday. That’ll leave me plenty of time to get to the free-standing lace design. In honor of the heat, I’m toying with the idea of a simple snowflake. . .

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