Sunday, June 14, 2015

Not this exact one, but equally as cute !

Beloved Hubby had to work part of today, so Dearest Son and I mostly goofed off. I finished perusing Improv Sewing, and it’s ready to go back. Not much new, mostly ‘take clothes that fit you that you like, fold ‘em over some large paper, trace with a seam allowance added, then cut out. Then cut out your new pattern on real fabric – but we’re not gonna tell you how to figure out how much fabric you need. Oh, and hemming is out of style, so don’t do it.’ So it’s ready to go back to the Library. I love that I can look at all these sewing and crafts books and be soooo happy I didn’t spend money on any of ‘em. I probably wouldn’t have bought them in any case, no matter how good they sounded on Amazon, but were I so inclined to, the Library would probably save me $200. a year. 

Made brownies, cooked a nice breakfast and lunch, and busted butt cleaning up our sadly neglected kitchen. Fell asleep in my chair from worn-outedness. Beloved was home in the early afternoon. Had to run up to a hardware store, and I went along – 10% veteran’s discount, ya’ll ! – and he talked me into getting some general, non-sewing specific spray adhesive. I’ll try it out on something small tomorrow, and if it doesn’t work well for my needs, he’ll gladly use it, and I can get the ‘real’ stuff sometime later this week. 

Meanwhile, another Jen Wrenne Summer Sew Along follower used the smallest version of her knit patterns to craft for vintage My Friend Mandy dolls. Very cute ! So now I’m wondering if that size will work for the Little Disney Princess  toddler dolls. Hope to try it out this week. Too lazy to right now. 

As night fell, I Pinterest stumbled onto a Barbie-size dress pattern I want to try, so I printed and redrew the seam allowance to an easier-for-me quarter inch. I think the original was a tiny 1/10th. I was happily redrafting when I noticed Junior-kitty wanted in at the window – and he had a guest ! A glowing firefly clung unnoticed to his shoulder. He came in when Junior did, but I haven’t seen him since. Hope I do later, when the lights go out !

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