Saturday, June 13, 2015

I may take it apart later and add my name to it. . .

It even had this same tag !
 Errand-running Saturday ! Knowing I had to take the DOA cable box to The UPS Store ™ today – ours has really weird hours, and is closed completely tomorrow –  before AT&T hit us for $150. for it, I figured if I got going, I could scan the few designs I wanted out of Sewing in A Straight Line and turn it in with our other library books on the way back. It was good timing, as I couldn’t decide on a sewing or embroidery project, and I needed to hit the road. 

All's done, and the books are actually turned in early ! Only one book left to go through, Improv Sewing, and I should make it one of my Three Projects, it’s been put off so many times. Plus, it’s due next week, would be nice if I didn’t have to renew it again. I’m starting to think ‘improv’, ‘break the rules’, ‘rebel’, ‘urban’, and ‘renegade’, when applied to sewing books, simply mean ‘We don’t hem or finish anything, and our sized patterns stop at double digits. Enjoy our eight all-look-alike aprons and twelve too-twee-to-be-believed pincushions.’

Used the last of our AT&T Rewards to pay for part of a round of sodas for everybody on the way home, so now that card’s completely empty and thoroughly enjoyed. Not sure if it’s the same where you are, but the local 7-11s here have Big Gulps for 49¢. A nice little indulgence. 

Now, I just need a place to use (and show off) my new tote !

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