Monday, February 23, 2015

Pretty, pretty sleepy snow...

The ‘winter mix’ (which should be a kind of candy, not weather !) really started in about 11pm, so furiously that we had to apply plastic sheeting to the bedroom windows. They billowed out, and it was like sleeping on the deck of a pirate ship as the wind blew towards the Caribbean. Dearest Son thought his was more like being mooned by a large, very pale giant.

The roads were darn near sheet ice, too, so we had Beloved Hubby at home. I had a rough stomach ache last night, and was still rocky today, so we ended up cancelling my VA appointment, and I darn near slept all day. Some parts of the state got four inches of snow, I think we got about two which partially melted to more ice. Yup. It’s all the snow’s fault I’m sleepy and lazy. I'm actually hibernating ! 

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