Friday, February 6, 2015

Fun stuff !

After yesterday’s little spending spree, I was glad to stay home and just watch guilty-pleasure cable, roll around a little on all the new stuff, and clean the mess of duct tape and fabric off the Arena. I started to want a new embroidery design to cover some stains from sticker residue on KJ’s cover, but that entailed spending funds I don’t really got. Oh, Beloved Hubby wouldn’t mind if I did, it’s just a couple bucks, but I don’t want to get into bad habits or entitled attitudes.

So I dug into the thousands -  possibly anywhere from ten to fifteen thousand, it’s hard to tell by file count when most designs consist of the design file itself, plus chart files, direction files, image files, and often the same design (and all its files) are stored in several different folders – of embroidery designs I have and decided to use my new glitter-green iridescent ‘thread’ to stipple a star on the stain. It wouldn’t really cover it, but it would camouflage it enough so that I didn’t mentally groan every time I saw it. I’m getting better at hooping, and the star stitched in less than three minutes – so I ran it twice. Minimal puckering, too. I’m kind of proud of me for using what I have and just making it happen, without kvetching about it for three days first !

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