Tuesday, February 24, 2015

'Cruelest Month', indeed.

Still haven’t created anything, but I’m giving m’self a day pass – I finally hung up all the Barbie cases today. Yes, those have been sitting along the wall since late November, but they’re finally back on display, where I can get at the various props and wardrobes I’ve stashed inside them. Poor Beloved Hubby. Half our bedroom now looks like a cheapjack Mattel museum, but at least his desk faces away from it. He’s got his own whole wall to decorate, too, but it’s rare for him to do much beyond hang a few prints and posters.

Continuing with the ‘February is the cruelest month’ theme us denizens of Chez Insanity seem to be experiencing, we got word that Uncle T. was found dead by his room-mate / best friend today. He’s the youngest of MIL’s siblings, and while he had his own health issues, most folks would have played the averages and wagered on me going out a lot sooner than him. We’re all kind of in shock. At least he’s in the same city as his son and grandkids, and his ex-wife, and they’ll make sure he’s well attended. All we can do is stand by and be ready when they need us. 

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