Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bye-bye Duct Tape !

Well, the embroidery design I planned on snagging this weekend went on a 30% off sale for 24 hours yesterday. So, it’s already snagged, and I saved a little cash. And since the ‘Snugfit’ shirt fit the DP&M  girls so well, I’m probably gonna go after the ‘Witch Gown’ from the same pattern author on Craftsy Saturday.

Also ran some errands. All the duct tape has been returned, I officially give up on that project. Luckily, I had the receipt for the roll I got from Dollar General, but I got less than a third of what I paid for that MH roll from OfficeDepotMaxStaples. It’s fine, I couldn’t find the receipt anyway, and it’s their rules in that situation, but I certainly didn’t wander the store afterwards. And I certainly will think twice about ever entering the place again, unless I can frame the receipt, just in case. Hope it was worth the five bucks profit, OfficeDepotMaxStaples.

We also got a Blu-Ray copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 from the Pawn with the good DVD shelves. Dearest Son was so excited, I took him to Dollar Tree, to make sure he had his favorite popcorn to enjoy with it. True, it’s more violent than the other HP films, but we discussed it afterward, and I think he processed it well. It helps that he doesn’t pay the strictest attention to anything on a TV screen… Oh, and no, we don’t have a Blu-Ray player, but we do have a PlayStation 3 !

We also visited a thrift well-known for being over-priced, and they didn’t disappoint today. Items I’d seen new at Dollar Tree were worn and on display at the thrift for 99¢. I found a neat doll tiara in a 50¢ grab-bag, and snagged it – and also got a Barbie stand mixer, an LED light spinner toy, and a broken bracelet I repaired to fit Tia as a choker and bracelet. Dearest Son claimed the Barbie baby bed (great for Lego minifigs) and a knockoff orange MLP pony.

Once home, I attempted to stitch up a ‘conversation heart’ out of some fabric bits. Total fail. Whole thing ended up in the ‘scraps too tiny to sew’ box. Since the demo was made of what looks like fleece, I’m guessing the pattern needed the bit of give and stretch that’s a part of fleece – something my woven cotton scraps lacked. Oh, well.

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