Saturday, February 7, 2015

I think this image was 'shopped.. I can tell. Originally, it probably said 'sewing' instead of 'crafting'.

Today was a total wash. I only managed to keep my promise to Dearest Son, who wanted to go to Dollar Tree. I got some beads for an upcoming project and another Elmer Chocolate five-piece Valentine heart – yum ! Same tasty candies both times, including the awesome ‘liqueur’-like round ones – but I just flopped once we were back home. I have no idea why I had zero interest or motivation today, but there it was.

Well, maybe I do know. I remembered the lynchpin that put me off machine embroidery for two years – I thought I was just gonna take a time-out for a couple weeks – and while it wasn’t a huge deal then, much less now, I still had to finish processing it. I didn’t want a bunch of bully-trolls to ruin Brody for me, and still don’t know why they targeted me, but I did the right thing by leaving what I thought was a great and kind forum quietly and letting things fall however they did. That particular forum is pretty much a shell now, I checked today to satisfy my own curiosity, but in truth, I just don’t care. Happened again with an MH forum, but the trolls had the good grace to go after everyone who didn’t agree with them, not just me, but otherwise, same sitch. I’m not much on forums these days… and I still don’t really open up to people, especially online. Ranks, but I think we’re all a bit shy sometimes, especially when we’ve been personally insulted for daring to have a different opinion on an inconsequential hobby-type choice.  

Or maybe it was the nail polish fumes. Yeah, I bought a new bottle at DTree – clear, but with tiny white and shades of pink dots in it. Kind of springlike, and almost Pinkie Pie random. Had to have it. Found it stuck in with some other wild, almost impossible colors, but it was the only one of its kind in the whole display. Who knows, I may go over this manicure with a coat of that glitter stuff I bought at another DT a few months ago.

It’s starting to get late, and I feel bad about not making anything. Think I’ll knock out a simple cover for Odyssey tonight… where’s my MH ruler…?

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