Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Platypus Shoes !

Well, that’s sort of what they look like, to me. Kind of like those classic Duck Shoes from the 80s (yes, in high school, I had a pair in red and a pair in blue, why do you ask ?), without the ‘vein’ rows in ‘em. You can tell I made the one facing your right first. The left one is almost too tight, yet still looks all flappy. Not sure why the ones made for AG dolls look so much better, could be their round feet just lend themselves more easily to the dictates of the tape, but let’s just say it, these need work.

Lucky for me, this is an old roll of regular ole duct tape that Beloved Hubby has deemed only good enough for crafts and household projects. And there’s plenty of it ! So I’ll try making platypus shoes again, hopefully I’ll get it right soon. I’m still on the sheet of cardboard that came in that thrift-shop tin of cookie cutters, too.

Not much else going on today. I didn’t even buy anything ! It’s getting colder by the hour. Darn you, weather, for reminding me it’s still winter !

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