Thursday, February 5, 2015

Baked Potato Feet !

Okay. I think I know where I’m going wrong on these shoes. Sides are too long, and the way they tuck under the toe cap makes the whole shoe look like it’s a baked potato awaiting a buffet customer. It also disrupts the fit, and is really hard to get to match. They might actually look better if I used something other than silver, but until I get it right – or give up, it’s about 50 / 50 right now – I don’t wanna use the good stuff. Heck, I might be able to take it back if I don’t open it ! But I wanna give it one more chance before I decide not to mess with it again. It’d be great if I could just get them to look as good as the ones eight-year-olds make on YouTube.

Still, trimming them down a bit helped a lot, so I’ve adapted the pattern. Hopefully Version 4.0 will be an improvement – or at least, something closer to a pair I’ll actually wanna keep. A good part of the problem is that the tape sticks in the wrong places so easily, but maybe I’ll get better at handling it the more pairs I attempt.

Anyway. I got to go to Hancock Fabrics without Dearest Son – Beloved Hubby only  had a half-day at work – and promptly spent too much. Arrrgh. But it would have been worse if I hadn’t taken my ‘skin’ embroidery thread spools with me. I was immediately drawn to pretty much the exact colors I already had ! But after intense comparisons, I found two that were different enough to give me a variety, one Sulky, one Mettler, both on sale. I also fell in love with another spool of Sulky Holoshimmer, much like the silver iridescent I already have… but this one was blue-green ! Like the ocean in moonlight. At less than two bucks, it was soooo mine.

I also took a dip in the remnant bins, and came up with a nice springlike pink knit and 1/3 of a yard of Heat N Bond Lite – pocket-change cheap, on sale at half the marked prices, and those prices were well-marked this time ! (grin)

Ya’ll know me, pretty much everything I bought was on sale. I got the pattern I wanted – Simplicity 1219 – on sale for a dollar, and dug through the button bin when I learned that all of ‘em were a quarter a card ! Spent $2.50, saved $25. – and that was the sale prices. Full price would have been well over $30. ! Not that I’d have bought ‘em at either full or original sale price… I also went through the 80% off holiday remnants and snagged a spool of gold/silver flat cording and green glitter rick-rack at 29¢ each.

It’s also their ongoing ‘Spot The Dot’ sale, where various fabrics are discounted on the fly according to the color of the sticker on the bolt end. The silky, starry fabric snagged me when I noticed one side was a darker blue than the other, but both sides could easily be used as the right one. Then a glorious small-scale brocade of all metallic colors ambushed me with dreams of foreign climes, so I left with a yard each, for less than four bucks.

So, yeah, I overspent, but Beloved was fine with it. And that concludes the February ‘First of the Month Fling’ – and then some – but, wow, what I have to show for it will last me for weeks, if not months ! Still can’t believe I bought more fabric, but I got no regrets. I think I’ll use the brocade for accent pieces with jewel tone solid fabrics, it’ll make an incredible Jasmine harem outfit ! Well, off to daydream a while before bedtime…

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