Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hi, Aurora !

My familiar friend Insomnia has moved in, hopefully it’s just gonna camp on the couch for a few days, enjoy some Netflix and Chex Mix, and move on. So glad the implant surgery isn’t until next month.

On the plus side, I’ve lost five pounds over the weekend, and that’s on top of returning to my previous weight now that my diuretics are here – they were delivered Saturday. Amazing how easy it is to shed some weight when you just don’t feel like eating. Beloved Hubby’s worried about me, but isn’t hovering, which I appreciate. Unfortunately for my diet, he got me a bunch of comfort chow, and I’ve been steadily chomping through it. Still not interested in food, but the very act feels good right now. I tried like heck to not console m’self with snacks, but perhaps a one-evening binge isn’t so bad. Heck, not too long ago, just one of Mother’s messages would have me indulge-eating for a week !

At least I’m back to sewing, although I’m a bit behind in embroidery. Perhaps tonight. I actually won a contest – only three of us entered, so I think we all won ! – and the prize was a $10. credit in her adorable Etsy embroidery shop. Only problem is, I pretty much already bought everything I wanted from there during her pre-Christmas mega-sale. Wonder if the prize has an expiration date…

Aurora’s wearing a slightly shortened Elaine Snugfit blouse, almost identical to Tia’s most recent shirt, with a same-thread-stitched white mini-skirt from my own clumsy pattern. For some reason, this shirt seems to billow a bit, so I trimmed another 1/8 or 1/6 of an inch from the side seam allowance, and scanned it. I may sew it one more time before moving on to something else. What to sew next ? Decisions, decisions…

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  1. I swear, I can NEVER get over how adorable that Aurora doll is!